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Literacy Information

The Literacy Programme is designed to teach English reading and writing skills to children ages 4 to 10 who speak English fluently (using English as one of their primary languages at home), and who are enrolled in local French speaking schools (not participating in any other bilingual programme).
The PLP curriculum is based on those used in international schools and offers a synthetic phonics programme using recognised phonics teaching resources to teach the children in a fun and accessible way. Our main teaching resource is Jolly Phonics (Jolly Learning). Each week children receive homework, such as worksheets or reading books, and parents are asked to ensure support at home to complete assignments for the following week. Indeed, in all literacy groups it is essential that the work completed in class is supported and reinforced by activities at home to enable children to achieve their full potential.

Literacy classes are held weekly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (see schedule) and most classes last for 90 minutes. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 12 children, and each class has two assistants in addition to the teacher. Each child is provided with workbooks, exercise books and various other materials, and a red bag in which to keep all PLP-related materials, which should be brought along to the class each week.   In addition, each week every child receives a reader (a book appropriate for their level which it is intended the child can read themselves), together with up to two library books from the PLP English childrens books library (again level-appropriate). Every week parents receive a summary of the activities in that week’s class and key points of learning to facilitate reinforcement at home. Regular and open communication between teachers and parents is actively encouraged.

As in all PLP activities Literacy Programme teachers and assistants are volunteers (many of whom hold professional teaching qualifications). Parents must wait on PLP premises during classes for insurance purposes, and as such are encouraged to provide additional help as required by the teachers and assistants (perhaps preparing snacks and clearing up, or helping with library books and reading in the classes). Please see volunteering to see how you can help.

(Children enrolled in Premiere Enfantine (Swiss System) or Moyenne Section (French System).
As a transition from Playgroup to the Literacy Programme, pre-literacy classes continue with all the well known and loved features of the playgroup sessions – a craft, games, songs, play and story time. For the first time at PLP your child will also be involved in a 20-30 minute literacy session that will introduce them to the letters and sounds of the alphabet. Further details about pre-literacy can be found here PRE-LIT
Literacy 1:
(Children enrolled in Deuxième Enfantine (Swiss System) or Grande Section (French System).
The first year of the Literacy Programme introduces children to early reading and writing techniques with games and songs included each week. During this year, children develop and expand their vocabulary and are introduced to grammar basics, including sentence construction and punctuation.
Literacy 2:
(Children enrolled in Première Primaire (Swiss System) or Cours Preparatoire (French System).
In the second year of the Literacy Programme, children are encouraged to discover the world of reading in many contexts. Building upon verbal and reading language skills while developing new writing skills will enable them to complete simple comprehension exercises.
Literacy 3:
(Children enrolled in Deuxième Primaire (Swiss System) or Cours Elémentaire (French System).
In the third year children are challenged by a more advanced curriculum for reading, written expression and comprehension skills. They will learn to write proper sentences using correct grammar and be encouraged to write their own narratives.

This class is a continuation of the work done in Literacy 2 and only children who have completed Literacy 2 are eligible for this group.

Literacy 4:
(Children enrolled in Troisième Primaire (Swiss System) or Cours Elémentaire 2 (French System).
In the fourth year there is an emphasis on the children’s independence in planning and completing work and more focus on grammar activities. They are required to read instructions in order to complete tasks. During this year, they will complete special writing projects including stories, poems, articles, previews, and posters.

This class is a continuation of the work done in Literacy 3 and only children who have completed Literacy 3 are eligible for this group.
Literacy 5 - 6:
(Children enrolled in Quatrième & Cinqieme Primaire (Swiss System) or Cours Moyen 1 & Cours Moyen 2 (French System).
These classes are a continuation of the work done in Literacy 4 and only children who have completed Literacy 4 are eligible for these groups.

If you have any questions about the curriculum or any of the classes, please contact our Literacy Co-ordinator

Due to the high demand for places in the Literacy Programme, priority is given to children of active PLP volunteers.