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Access to the Library

The Library will be available in the main foyer.  Every Playgroup and Literacy class will be given an opportunity to visit the library during lesson time, one class at a time.


Borrowing Books

Each child can borrow three books, for two weeks.  If you want to keep a book for longer (up to four weeks maximum) please let the Library Assistant know.  Most children, though, like to choose a different book each week.

Each child will have a Library Pocket within a Pocket Box held by the Library Assistant.  For any books borrowed the

Lending Card of the books will be placed within the child’s pocket, where it will stay until the book is returned.  If the child’s Library Pocket contains two Lending Cards, no more books will be lent out until those books are returned.

If the child does not have a Library Pocket, the Library Assistant will make one for them.  However, before doing so, please ensure that the Library Pocket has not simply been placed within the incorrect class in the Pocket Box.


Colour Code System for the Books Available

Each book within the Library has been given a colour, for ease of reference and storage.  This is shown by a sticker

on the front of each book:

GREEN   STICKER                   = Playgroup classes to 3 years

YELLOW STICKER                  = Playgroup classes age 3-4 and Pre-Literacy classes

RED STICKER                          = Literacy 1 and 2 classes

BLUE STICKER                        = Literacy 3 and 4 classes

WHITE STICKER                     = Literacy 5 and 6 classes

The colour of the sticker on the front of the book will correspond with the colour of the book’s lending card and the Library Book Box that the book should be stored in when not lent out.  If a child would like a book from a different Box to that applicable to their class, this is fine.


Lending Cards

The lending card is found in a pocket within either the front or back cover of each book.  Library Books can only be lent out if a Lending Card is present.  If no Lending Card is present, this means that the book has not been checked back in correctly.  Therefore no more than two Lending Cards should be found in the child’s Library Pocket.


Returning Books

At the start of each lesson one of the Class Assistants in each class should retrieve from the children’s bags all Library Books to be returned.  These should be taken to the Library Assistant.  The Library Assistant will then locate the Lending Card within the children’s Library Pockets and place them back into the corresponding books.  The books are now ready to be lent out again and therefore should be placed back into the correct Library Book Box.

If a book is returned damaged in any way, please make the Library Assistant aware.  These books should be placed in the “Repairs/Queries” Box – please do not try to repair them yourselves.


Damaged/Lost Books

If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair (this includes the book being defaced by over enthusiastic young artists!), the responsible adult of the child borrowing the book will be asked to source a replacement, within reason.


By taking advantage of the Library, if is assumed that the responsible person for each child has accepted the above.