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Read For Me Read For You Sponsored Read Event


Starting Tuesday 7th March to Wednesday 21st April 2017


Our 7th Sponsored Read Event


This is truly becoming part of our annual calendar of events. This event allows us to combine our love and interest of reading with that of raising funds for a good cause. As well as raising funds, it also introduces our children to the concept of charity and giving, offering them opportunities to lend a helping hand to less fortunate children. We hope this event will provide an enriching experience that encourages our children to recognise the importance and impact of giving.


Jhamtse Gatsal Community School & Children’s home


Jhamtse Gatsal is Tibetan for “garden of love & compassion.” It is a community, a school, and a home for about 90 children ranging in age from toddler to adolescent. Jhamtse Gatsal lies in the district of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, India, and the children come from nearby villages. Each of these children has a background of adversity. The driving goal of the community is to provide these children with better lives, helping them to achieve their fullest potential. Their mission is to help the neediest children of the remote villages of the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh, India (historically a part of Tibet) and be a model community for the region.


Learn more about Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community through this beautiful 40-minute film, created in 2014. For ways to see the full documentary, more clips, and more info about the film please visit the film website at


How It Will Work


The event is open to all children in the Literacy Programme and their older siblings who may have already left PLP.

This year the event will start the week of Tuesday 7th March and finish on Friday 21st April. All the forms and information packs will be available for everyone on or before Monday 6th March. Again, this year the children will receive a canvas drawstring bag to collect their money in. Please note we can only accept Swiss francs and or Euros.


We really want the sponsored read to work for everyone, including children with different reading abilities, those who like to listen to stories as well as small and large families. Please encourage them to try to read for 5-10 m sessions (Pre-Lit & Lit 1/2), 10-15 min sessions (Lit 3/4) or 15-20 min sessions (Lit 5/6). Once finished they can colour in a book on their reading log bookcase to keep track of their progress.

Flexibility is important when agreeing your contract with your child. For those with larger families, parents could agree a lower amount per reading session with each child and then contribute as a family.

We are hoping to raise over 4000 CHF, and if every child participates that’s approximately 20 CHF each.


This would sponsor the living costs for 2 children for 1 year at the school.


Please feel free to ask other family members to sponsor your child and let your children ask neighbours and friends to help them raise some money through sponsorship.


We also don´t want it to be too taxing for the children or parents as the whole idea is to encourage the enjoyment of reading and, and can work in conjunction with the PLP readers or library books taken out on a weekly basis.


There will be some specific work the children can get involved with during class; including finding out some facts about the orphanage, the school and Tibet itself, map work, drawing and discussion.


To End The Event


At the end of the sponsored read, the children will bring in their sponsorship money back to PLP for counting. All the children will receive certificates for taking part….and we hope will have enjoyed reading lots. Watch out for member emails and PLP Facebook updates about the event.


Thank You


On behalf of PLP we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to you all for getting involved with the sponsored read, and helping to improve the lives of disadvantaged children living and learning at Jhamtse Gatsal. We will announce how much has been raised through member emails and our newsletter.