About us

The Playgroup and Literacy Programme is an NGO that has been serving English-speaking families in and around Geneva for 30 years.

Situated in Thoiry, we offer weekly bumps & babies groups, bounce & rhyme groups, playgroups and literacy classes in English.

Members can also enjoy our regular events, access to a library of children's books and the chance to join a community of like-minded families.


Hello and welcome to PLP!

PLP is an amazing community of like-minded Anglophone families. Not only do we provide English Literacy lessons in a caring and structured environment,  but we also serve as a valuable support and friendship network!

Most of all we enjoy giving  Anglophone children attending local French and Swiss schools the opportunity to learn literacy skills in English - an opportunity which they wouldn’t ordinarily have if PLP did not exist.  

Whether as a new member or a volunteer, I look forward to seeing you soon at PLP!

PLP Director