About us

The Playgroup and Literacy Programme is an NGO that has been serving English-speaking families in and around Geneva for 30 years.

Situated in Thoiry, we offer weekly bumps & babies groups, bounce & rhyme groups, playgroups and literacy classes in English.

Members can also enjoy our regular events, access to a library of children's books and the chance to join a community of like-minded families.


You can find a wealth of up-to-date, useful, practical information about PLP in our handbook!

Who we are, board members, rules and regulations, important dates (term dates, special events), descriptions of playgroup and literacy levels, what to do if your child is sick, info on volunteering - it is all right here!

Read the PLP Handbook here!


Hello and welcome to PLP!

PLP is an amazing community of like-minded Anglophone families. Not only do we provide English Literacy lessons in a caring and structured environment,  but we also serve as a valuable support and friendship network!

Most of all we enjoy giving  Anglophone children attending local French and Swiss schools the opportunity to learn literacy skills in English - an opportunity which they wouldn’t ordinarily have if PLP did not exist.  

Whether as a new member or a volunteer, I look forward to seeing you soon at PLP!

PLP Director