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Can you help?

We are currently looking for:

Teaching assistant for Literacy 1 (Wednesday 12.45)
Teaching assistant for Literacy 4 (Wednesday 12.45)
Teacher for Literacy 2 (Wednesday 14.45)

Keep reading to find out what volunteering with PLP involves! 


PLP is a non-profit organization that is entirely run by volunteers. Whether running a playgroup or teaching a literacy class, helping run PLP as part of the board or playing an important role behind the scenes running the library or website, volunteering is an exciting opportunity to be part of a dynamic and international team.

Why volunteer?

Free places at PLP, new friends and a boost for your career.....

All volunteers are valuable to us and are compensated with one or two free places for their children in our playgroups or literacy classes. We celebrate our volunteers with an annual Volunteers Dinner and with our Volunteer of the Year awards.

Our volunteers enjoy being an active part of a social network. In some cases, our volunteers have used their experience at PLP to ease themselves back into professional life after a career break or even to launch a new career!

About volunteering

Do I need to be a teacher to volunteer at PLP?

Not at all! We provide training for our teacher volunteers. And there is a wide range of volunteer roles available. If you want to volunteer and are unsure what you can do, get in touch!

How much time will volunteering take?

We ask volunteers to commit for a whole academic year. Most choose to volunteer whilst their own children are in class at PLP. Time commitments vary slightly according to the role (see below for details).

When can I become a volunteer?

Volunteer positions are usually organised alongside our annual registration process (in May-June). 

Sometimes vacancies arise during the year – so please let us know if you are interested in volunteering. Specific positions may be advertised here.

I want to volunteer! How do I sign up?

You can indicate that you want to volunteer on your enrolment form when you register for PLP. You can also use the enrolment form to let us know if you have any specialized skills or experience that you think could be of help,

You can also contact us for more information.

Playgroup leader & assistant

One free place

Each playgroup has one leader and assistant. In addition, to the 90 minute playgroup session, the leader may require a limited amount of extra time to communicate with the parents and the PLP board.

Literacy classes

Teacher (two free places)
Teaching assistant (one free place)
Floating volunteer (one free place)

How can I volunteer in the literay classes?

Each literacy class has a teacher and two teaching assistants. For each PLP session, we also have one “floating” volunteer who helps with the library or other tasks to support the literacy classes.

How long will it take?

As well as committing to attending the 90 minute class each week, we estimate that teachers would require around one hour of additional time each week for class preparation and to send a weekly email to parents and to read communications from the PLP team.

Usually, volunteers commit whilst their own children are attending classes at PLP.

Do I need teaching experience to volunteer in the literacy classes?

We welcome volunteers with a teaching background, but this is not a pre-requisite. In some cases, our volunteers have embarked on teacher training and a career in teaching following their experience at PLP! 

Does PLP provide training for the volunteers?

PLP provides a structured training and support programme for all our teachers and assistants to simplify class preparation and to make teaching fun. Three sessions are held throughout the year to learn about PLP and the phonics programme and to share tips and ideas.

How does PLP support its volunteers?

Our volunteers are not alone! They are all part of the PLP team.

We provide ongoing support :

  • PLP provides a structured curriculum of weekly lesson plans and materials (books, stationary, games, songs) as a basis for the classes
  • A shared forum is available providing more resources and materials
  • Our Literacy Curriculum Coordinator and Literacy Coordinators for each level provide support and guidance
  • Each week, volunteers receive an email with news, announcements and reminders

Help us run PLP

Various roles (two free places)

PLP is entirely run by volunteers. These roles are flexible and involve ad hoc tasks related to the area of responsibility and attendance at board meetings, rather than regular attendance at PLP.

  • Director: overall responsibility for the management, long term strategy and performance of PLP
  • Registrar: manages the membership aspects of PLP including enrolment
  • Treasurer: responsible for the finances, invoicing and fees
  • Secretary: responsible for scheduling key meetings and managing the logistics of the PLP Board
  • Playgroup Coordinator: responsible for the Playgroup Programme
  • Literacy Coordinator: responsible for managing the day-to-day of the Literacy Programme
  • Communications Coordinator: responsible for communications to members, parents and externally
  • Literacy Curriculum Coordinator: responsible for the content and structure of the curriculum
  • Craft Coordinator: responsible for coordinating and providing materials for the weekly playgroup/ pre-literacy craft activities
  • Library Coordinator: responsible for managing the library
  • Special Events Coordinator: responsible for coordinating PLP’s well-respected social events program
  • Newsletter Editor: responsible for producing the thrice-yearly newsletter for all members

Help out behind the scenes

Various roles (one free place)

The many volunteers who make PLP possible behind the scenes are just as important! Roles include:

  • Assistant librarian
  • IT administrator
  • Literacy coordinator assistant
  • Treasurer assistant
  • Snack & craft supplies buyer
  • Pre-literacy craft coordinator
  • Newsletter assistant
  • Reader coordinator


Saskia, a teaching assistant - and our volunteer of the year in 2016, explains why she enjoys volunteering at PLP.

“Volunteering gave me the chance to show my kids (and I guess my husband as well, if am being totally honest) that I could be something else as well as a Mummy. Not that being a stay-at-home Mum was not good enough … I just wanted to show them that I could also have responsibilities outside our home! And you should have seen them when I showed them my class … I think I needed to prove myself that I could work again.

I was really looking forward to having colleagues and making my brain function in a different way!

Volunteering also gave me the opportunity to give something back to PLP. It is not a regular English school but a great community/ family … especially when you arrive from abroad and you do not know anyone in the area!

A year after we started coming to PLP I decided to offer my time! I was so happy with my kids’ experience in PLP, with what volunteers brought to them that it came naturally for me – I wanted to make a difference in other kids’ lives! What a blessing it has been so far… I have met amazing people: kids, parents and board members. It is so rewarding to see these little ones struggling with the phonics at one point and then being able to read!

Regardless of your motivation, you will find volunteering in PLP both challenging and rewarding! Welcome to this amazing adventure where you will develop new skills or build on existing experience or knowledge!”