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Health & Safety

There is nothing more important than the health of safety of our members and the children at PLP. We have been closely following the evolving pandemic and adapting our services as much as possible in light of COVID-19. We are closely following the response and regulations in France and Switzerland and responding appropriately and in line with these requirements.

After detailed discussions amongst the Board and with our long-term friends, Crossroads Church, whose premises we share, we have put in place the following provisions; we will adapt these as necessary as the situation continues to evolve.

If you have any concerns about health and safety, please feel free to reach out to Hayley, our Director or Sarah, our Communications Coordinator, at any time.

Health & Safety

We are delighted that we are currently able to return to in person classes and sessions and have put in place the following measures (to be adapted as the situation unfolds).

In the event of a new border closure or lockdown, we will return to remote learning offering sessions via Zoom to enable children to keep learning and for us to keep in touch as a community. If this is necessary, we will be able to draw on our experience from earlier in 2020; following that experience, in our survey, the vast majority of Members who responded were either extremely or very satisfied with our response.


• We ask that adults kindly use masks when it is not possible to maintain a safe distance from the children (optional for children). We will make a box of masks available for volunteers.

• Contact areas in communal spaces and classrooms will be regularly cleaned and disinfected between groups.

• Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance and in each room

• Library books have been placed in plastic covers that will be cleaned between users; library boxes will be brought to classrooms.

• We ask that children please bring their own stationary that they will need for class.

Arrival and Departure

• Parents will drop off and collect their children at the entrance or another of the main doors. We will make special arrangements for the first weeks to help children meet up with their teachers and comfortably settle into their class.

• A volunteer at the door will help children find their classroom, disinfect their hands and control the flow of people in the building.

Social distancing

• We will limit the number of children in each class more than usual and furniture will be arranged to allow for a space of 4m2 around each child.

• We are arranging with Crossroads to use the large room so that parents can wait inside the building whilst social distancing. Parents are required to remain on the premises during classes for insurance reasons.

Special provisions for playgroup

Playgroup will continue to operate, but with restricted numbers and snacks and crafts will be made available following COVID-19 guidelines.

• The number of children in playgroup will be limited to allow for adequate spacing between children, their carers and volunteers.

• A restricted quantity of toys will be available. We will not allow access to soft toys. The available toys and large toys will be disinfected after each session.

• Snacks will be provided in closed packaging (e.g. packs of crackers, fruit compote).

• We ask that you please bring a cup for your child.

• Tea and coffee will be available for adults, but we ask that you please bring your own cup.

• We request that adults kindly wear masks