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New in 2019-2020!

This year , PLP  has created more choice for families by introducing two new groups to complement our existing playgroups:

Bounce & Rhyme
Baby Bounce and Rhyme provides a place for babies and young children to gather with their carers and sing classic nursery rhymes.

Families can also enjoy the great play resources at PLP and borrow English books from our well-stocked library. As well as helping your child's development, it's a great way for you to meet other parents and carers and bond over tea and coffee. 

Early Literacy
PLP has developed a new program that helps children develop early skills with fun and stimulating activities.

Children will participate in song and rhymes, story time, fun activities and crafts that extend their knowledge. They will build reading readiness skills – an ideal preparation before they take the next step into our pre-literacy class.


Playgroups (sitting - 18 months/ 18 months - 4 years)

Our weekly playgroups provide an opportunity for younger children and their parents to meet up and have fun in an English-speaking environment.

The playgroups, for children from sitting to 3-4 years, allow families to meet up and engage in activities in English. Often the children can't wait to join the big boys and girls in our literacy classes! 

Children sing songs, listen to stories, play games and the older onces also do art and craft.  

There is also some time for the them to play freely in our large play room, allowing the adults the chance to get to know each other over a cup of tea or coffee.

We aim to be a parent and baby friendly place, so If you have another little one, baby can come along for free with their older brother or sister until they are 9 months old.